Training course – a CNC operator

The course is intended to job seekers in the field of mechanical engineering for the position of a CNC operator.


  • finished primary education
  • the age of 18
  • the medical fitness for operating machinery
  • computer literacy (OS Windows)

Career outlook

  • knowledge of Occupational health and safety for machinery,
  • basic knowledge of CNC programme,
  • knowledge of usage basic preparatory and ancillary functions,
  • knowledge of CNC programme processing and machining simple products of rotatory and non-rotatory shape,
  • knowledge of gauges usage in mechanical engineering,
  • knowledge of processing cutting conditions,
  • other knowledge – basic types of cutting materials and semi-finished products for mechanical engineering, functions of particular parts of lathe, maintenance of machinery.

The graduate will gain basic theoretical and practical knowledge of CNC machining technologies, he will be able to read and create drawings, process basic operating programme CNC, machine single part on machinery according to the drawing, adjust the machinery a analyse their correction, set up appropriate conditions for machining or milling.

Tuition content

  • fundamentals of Occupational health and safety and Fire protection for machinery,
  • mechanical technologies,
  • tools of CNC machining and milling machinery,
  • technical drawings – knowledge and understanding,
  • gauges usage,
  • basic knowledge of materials, quality recognition,
  • machinery practical training.

The tuition is managed on machines:

  • multifunctional apical lathe with CNC operating Masturn 54 CNC/800,  
  • machining centre MCV 1016 and MCV 1000 QUICK,   
  • machining centre HAAS VF2 + 4 axis,
  • machining centre HAAS VF3 + 4 and 5 axis,
  • machining centre DMU 50-5 axis,
  • machining centre DMG ECOLINE 2 axis multifunctional lathe ecoTurn 450.


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